RRCC Special Guest Karan Ashley

Karan's big break came when she went to an open call audition and beat out over 10 thousand hopefuls and landed the role of Aisha the Yellow Power Rangers on the #1 kids show in America, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. She was able to do over 80 episodes and star in the hit movie "Power Rangers the Movie" that was released by 20th Century Fox. Not stopping there she has beat the pavement for years and has been on many different TV shows and films such as, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, The Steve Harvey Show, One on One, The Parkers, Kenan & Kel, Chat Room, The Opposite Sex, Taylor's Wall, Wicked Weekend, Jazz Scene, The Encounter and many other projects. She has worked with many successful companies such as MTV, BET, ABC, Nickelodeon, Disney, The WB, 20th Century Fox, Asiatic Productions and formed the production company GAG Order films.

RRCC Special Guest Geoffrey Gwin

Geoffrey K. Gwin credits his love of art to an addiction of watching Saturday morning cartoons. He has been drawing since he was 3 years old. Most recently he has been doing art for Upper Deck sketch card lines of Marvel's Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Spiderman, Thor Ragnarok and Aliens. He has since been employed by numerous independent companies such as Jericho Projects, C1 Publishing, and Templefareast for sequential art, character development, and promotional work. He has recently completed the art for an issue of Brimstone and the Borderhounds published by Hounds Comics. He's found comfort in storyboarding, and while working with High Noon Films and other filmmakers, he has been involved with safety videos for the United States Postal Service, commercials for Subway, and even commercials with Julie Newmar, Adam West, and Barbara Eden. While on tour in Iraq he had the honor of completing a mural at the biblical historic city of Babylon.

RRCC Special Guest Autistic Jedi
RRCC Special Guest Justice Leak

After earning a degree in theatre arts, Leak moved to Atlanta and was signed to the agency, People Store. He began doing commercials for companies such as Verizon Wireless, and later, had small roles in TV shows and independent films. His agent felt he could do more and sent his resume to the casting directors for "The Great Debaters," a career changing moment. As the buzz of The Great Debaters crossed the country, so did Justice, making his move from the east to the west coast; capitalizing on the momentum of this success. Once in Los Angeles, he was quickly signed by two leading agencies and booked back to back to back guest starring roles on three major network shows within a month's time - and the momentum shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Leak plans to remain humble, no matter how successful he becomes.

RRCC Special Guest Ebony Warrior

Charles Xavier Conley is a Georgia based prop builder and designer. Originally from California he moved to the east coast in 2006 and has been in the metro Atlanta area ever since.  Charles, who typically goes by the name Xavier,  started prop building around 2010, although he had already been a very proficient graphite artist since his youth. As a child, all throughout elementary school Charles was bullied, so the armors and creations he makes today are a tangible reality of the heroes he wishes he had standing by his side during those dark days. Because of the hardships he faced as a youth Charles is a champion of social justice and equality both in and out the world of cosplay. In 2016 he started in the hashtag #RepresentationMatters after a powerful encounter while wearing his Batman armor with a little boy at Atlanta's largest convention, Dragon Con. Just recently Charles started Cosplaying professionally with his business, Ebony Warrior Studios, gaining more and more recognition for his foamsmithing prowess.  Charles' work has been recognized by the likes of Marvel Studios and Weta Workshop. He was also a contestant on Syfy's Cosplay Melee TV series, winning the episode with his original Star Wars character Syresh Vos. Through his work Charles seeks to inspire and change the world of cosplay one build at a time.

RRCC Special Guest Elise Strong

Elise M.P. Strong is from Birmingham, Alabama. Being a mixed-media artist she uses a range of materials from digital to traditional to create her work. She was self-taught until age 22 when she decided to go to college so she could become a professional artist. Determined to do her best she continued to achieve despite her circumstances. Unable to move her family with her, she traveled across the state every day to Atlanta, Georgia. While in school, Marvel hired her to Create original art for the collector card set 'MARVEL GEMS'. After graduating best-in-class she continues working with Marvel, as well as creating her own original comic 'Night & Day'. With animation being her greatest passion, she has hopes of turning her original ideas into animated cartoons. In the meantime, she continues to work with other companies and Studios like Creative Overdose.


Brandon Sesser, a 11 year EMCC instructor in information systems technology runs a cyber security education program in Mississippi. Brandon travels extensively to seminars nationwide working on the future of education in cyber security development field.

RRCC Special Guest Bryan Silverbax

Bryan SilverBaX has lived many places, but currently calls Marietta, GA his home. Bryan served over 6 years in the US Army and later 7 years as a police officer. He has since turned his focus toward becoming an established artist in the world of comic books. Having been a comic book fan since the early 90's, Bryan has always wanted to be a comic artist. Over the past few years, he has started to make his dream a reality by doing artwork for independent comic books as well as working with Topps and Upper Deck. Bryan is a sketch card artist that has done licensed cards for Marvel Comics, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, and more. Bryan is also a nerd culture t-shirt designer whose work has been featured on TeeFury.com, RiptApparel.com, ShirtPunch.com, and many others. Some of his shirts have even been bought for licensing by WWE Hall of Fame inductees. Bryan SilverbaX is currently creating his first self-published comic, Year Zero, while still working with other independent comic creators and appearing at several conventions in the southern United States.

RRCC Special Guest Dimitri Walker
RRCC Special Guest Cody Robinson

Christopher Cody Robinson is known for his work on Baby Driver (2017), The Walking Dead (2010) and Stranger Things (2016).

RRCC 2018 RK Post Slate

RK Post is a Magic: The Gathering artist. He has been contributing art to the game since the Exodus and still is active as an artist. Possibly his most famous artwork for the game is Morphling. Post took illustration classes at Northern Illinois University with Mark Nelson. He then focusesd his energy on fantasy illustration in the gaming field. He worked as a freelance interior illustrator for several companies including TSR. After a year and a half he made it onto a Dragon Magazinecover. That break, post says, helped him to squeeze his way into a staff position with TSR in September 1996. He eventually moved out to the northwest offices of Wizards of the Coast after Wizards purchased TSR. He post no names as specific artist as inspiration, but his unique style has certainly been influenced by a multitude of artistic genres.

RRCC Special Guest Beau Billingsea

John "Beau" Billingslea (born 1944) is an American actor known as the voice of Jet Black in the popular anime Cowboy Bebop, Ogremon in Digimon and Homura and Ay, the Fourth Raikage in Naruto Shippuden. In addition to voice acting, He appeared in many television shows and some films including North and South Book II: Love and War, Just Jordan, The Hannah Montana Movie, and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

RRCC Special Guest Eddie Price

Eddie Price is an artist from Northwest Georgia. He has quickly built his fan base with his unique 3D art, keeping the audience turning heads and becoming known as "that 3D guy". Eddie is also an international artist for Topps and Upper Deck, with various completed projects such as Marvel, The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Star Wars and more. In addition, Eddie is a fan favorite among The Walking Dead character actors and has completed over 20 fan art requests to date.

RRCC Special Guest Magic City Lego

MCLUG is a club for adult fans of LEGO®. We are based in Birmingham, AL. We share our ideas, experiences building tips and techniques, we get together to build and play, and we buy/sell/trade bricks with each other. MCLUG is one of many LUGs (LEGO® User Groups) that exist around the world. MCLUG members work cooperatively, both within the club and with others, to support the continued advancement of the hobby and to generate awareness of the adult LEGO® community locally and globally.

RRCC Special Guest Michael Williams

Michael Williams began creating short films in 2004 and since has consistently produced short films and screened them for audiences at annual film festivals and screenings across the U.S. After writing, directing and producing more than 20 short films, Williams broke into the feature-length film territory with “OzLand". While his desire to tell complex stories visually drew him to a career in cinematography, as an artist and storyteller, Williams writes and directs films like “OzLand" in order to share his stories with those interested in experiencing them.  Today, the filmmaker owns and operates Shendopen in West Point, Mississippi. His last current film “The Atoning” is on Amazon and Hulu.

RRCC Special Guest Kyle Hannah

Award Winning Author R. Kyle Hannah is a self-professed geek and lover of all things sci-fi. He began writing in high school as an outlet for an overactive imagination. Those humble beginnings, combined with real life experiences from a 29-year career in the Army, have spawned a half-dozen full-length adventures and a handful of short stories. “Reminiscent of Arthur C. Clark” is how Writer’s Digest describes his first novel To Aid and Protect. His TIME ASSASSINS Trilogy (Time Assassins, Assassin’s Gambit, & Assassin’s End) has met great praise from authors and readers alike. The series is a time travel adventure that chronicles futuristic assassins who travel back in time and rewrite alternate timelines into our history. The trilogy features a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner and an amazon Best Seller. His next two-book series (The Tri-System Authority - The Jake Cutter Conspiracy, and The Tri-System Authority - The Reign of Terra) is slated for release in 2018. Kyle has several other projects in the works, including Harvest Day, Atlantis Falling, and a screenplay adaptation of his first novel, To Aid and Protect. He is married, with two children, and lives in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama.

RRCC Special Guest John Beatty

In July 1980, Beatty made the journey to New York from Florida, and with the help of Mike Zeck got some gigs from both Marvel and DC. Beatty spent twenty years inking titles such as Captain America, The Punisher, Secret Wars, The Nam, The Adventures of Superman, Batman, JLA, and many more. Currently, Beatty works for the DC Comics Licensing Department, where style guide art is created. This art is used for many things, including package design, clothing, and other licensed products that DC supplies its vendors.